I am a screenwriter and director who started life as a glam rock guitarist before hanging up my fishnet stockings and trying my hand at acting.

After wowing local audiences with a still talked about Stanley Kowalski * I am now a director and screenwriter with a couple of feature film credits to my name, a stack of documentary and TV credits and most recently the comedy series #‎FindMeAMāoriBride‬

In many ways Dane Giraud the writer is still “Danger O” the guitarist (That’s a joke by the way. I never, ever called myself that). I believe that all good art is rock n roll and any film maker worth sh#t, a rock n roller; a purveyor of chaos who cares less about “clear turning points” as they do “getting in your grill”.

If you follow me you’ll get lots of updates on my current and past projects, a chance to read some of my scripts and a few gems that no script-writing manual would ever tell you about what truly matters in cinema.

* Dane Giraud never appeared in a production of Tennessee William’s “Streetcar Named Desire” but was arrested after screaming outside a woman’s window in Christchurch in 1999.

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