Find Me A Māori Bride

There are three kinds of people in New Zealand: those who are comfortable on a marae, those who have never been, and those who are pretty used to being told off there. They’re the ones who slow their walking pace so they have someone to follow, mouth the words to songs they don’t know and laugh when everyone else laughs despite not having understood a word of te reo. It’s usually someone who’s been made to be there – a school trip, a work trip, a family gathering, or – god forbid – a tangi They’re the ones getting told off for playing on their phones while people are speaking, or checking their work emails during meal time. They’re the ones Find me a Maori Bride is made for. They’re also the ones it was made by…

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One thought on “Find Me A Māori Bride

  1. Talofa my uso. Just checking in, to say hi. Alofa to Family from us. Sole, always the Mantis and inspiring from a Father to another fathers point of view ( if that makes any sense?) haha. But I’m sure you know. ..just keep doing what we love doin’ when we got a solid team at home. Like the old Rhino saying; here by my siiiiiiiiiiiide, Brother!! sorry cuz, couldn’t help it..hehe. But yeah…The Mantis & and always an inspiration….like Major Dutch & Dillon catching up…haha You know what Im talking about.
    Much love brother. Stay blessed & enjoy the long weekend uce, Fa!


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